Our cement-based decorative coatings represent the best example of the chemical and technological evolution of cement. Using the traditional elements of cement production and adding in other products that transform it chemically, the cement is able to be applied thinner with extreme hardness and great flexibility. This allows us to obtain a product that does not crack and whose strength and hardness are much higher than that of traditional cement or other cement derivatives.

CimentArt products require no joints, resulting in a continuous coating, with no cuts and limited only by the dimension of the pieces and the surface in which it’s applied. The result is an extremely aesthetic and decorative coating which is completely waterproof and resistant to mould and bacteria. By being non-porous and having no joints, it does not require any special maintenance and cleaning it is effortless.

By possessing a minimal thickness after its application of between 2 to 3mm and combined with its tremendous adherence, these coatings can be applied over almost any surface without the necessity of creating mess and debris. It can be applied on walls, floors, showers, backsplashes, countertops, outdoor patios/terraces, furniture, swimming pools, etc., and over countless types of surfaces like cement, plaster, drywall, marble, porcelain, tile, wood, granite, etc.

CimentArt products are available in either mat, satin or gloss finishes and in a wide range of colors to suit your décor.

Key Features


Extremely versatile

Can be applied over any stable interior or exterior surface


100% non-porous

Completely waterproof and mould / bacteria resistant


Incredible durability

Much stronger than traditional cement and with added elasticity to ensure that it will not crack


No joints

Beautifully seamless thanks to its incredible flexibility and strength


No maintenance required

Does not stain and cleaning is effortless


Can be used to complement any décor

With a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from, you are only limited by your own imagination


Perfect for renovations

Its versatility and minimal thickness (2 to 3mm) means it can be applied to any existing material without the need of demolition or modifications



Every aspect of our products, from their development to their application, utilizes eco-technology to ensure no harm to our environment.

Our Products

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    Decorative finishing with a continuous...
  • CimentArt Rustic
    Decorative micro-concrete with rustic finish...
  • CimentArt Solid Colour
    Decorative microcement with a continuous, uniform...
  • CimentArt Stone
    Decorative finishing with a texture...


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